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NEW! EpiCenter has a new home: https://skylab4.cdph.ca.gov/epicenter
The new EpiCenter contains the most current injury death, hospitalization, and ED data.
This legacy version of EpiCenter will no longer be updated.

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Overall Injury Surveillance

The most versatile and comprehensive source of California injury data. It includes all types of injuries that result in death, hospitalization, or an emergency department visit.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Data on hospital and emergency department patients with non-fatal TBIs.

Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) Health Consequences

Hospital and ED data available on AOD poisoning (overdose), mental disorder, and physical disease.

Linked Crash-Medical Data

Data combined from police traffic crash reports and medical data (from emergency departments, hospitals, and death files).
Selected Injury Topics

Data on the following injuries:
  • Assault (homicide)
  • Bicycle
  • Firearm
  • Heat
  • Motor vehicle occupant
  • Pedestrian
  • Self-inflicted (suicide)
  • Senior falls
  • Assaults on females
  • Intimate partner assaults on females
Injury Data Summaries
  • Injuries by Cause and Age
  • Top Five Causes of Injuries
  • Injury Trends

Population Data

California population data available by county, year, age, gender, and race/ethnicity based on California Department of Finance (DOF) data
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